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Events / Historical reconstructions

«Time and Epochs. 1914/2014»

5 - 7 june, 2015, Moscow

The Fourth International historical festival "Time and epochs" brings Muscovites and tourists in the early twentieth century, the epoch of revolutions, the First World War and the heyday of Russian culture.

The guests of the event will be able to visit each of six major historical sites - "Aristocracy", "Proletariat", "City", "Village", "Fair" and "The Great War".

The museum-reserve Kolomenskoye on June 7 and 8 will host people’s celebrations, meanwhile a fair, the first Russian cinematography, journalists’ bureau, underground printing house, fashion ateliers and showrooms will open.

One may see vintage cars and motorcycles, take a photo or order a portrait in the style of the early XX century as well as test one’s force in Russian wrestling in Ivan Poddubny tournament or with own hands create a souvenir in the way of household item.

The launch of kites and the festival of strawberries will take place within the project, too.

At military site the camp of the European armies is deployed, the series of battle occurs that reconstruct the battles dated back to various years of the First World War.

The guests have opportunity to become full-fledged participants of all festivities by buying costume in advance in Interent-shop and transforming themselves into citizens, workers, peasants and soldiers who were living a hundred years ago!

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Region: Moscow
City: Moscow
Venue: The museum-reserve Kolomenskoye
Phone: +7 495 234 19 54