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Events / Literary holidays

The All-Russia Pushkin Poetry Celebration

6 - 7 june, 2015, Pskov

The XLVIII (the 48th) All-Russia Pushkin poetry celebration is one of the biggest annual cultural event in the country, carried out since 1967. Over the years, it was attended by the most famous poets and writers of the Soviet Union, the representatives of world literature.

Pushkin poetry celebration has become an experimental platform for young poets, writers, musicians and artists. Each time the event opens new names, attracts thousands of spectators from all over Russia and abroad.

As part of the celebration Svyatogorsk Fair, festivals of contemporary poetry and bard songs, amateur theater festivals, concerts of creative groups, literary and musical evenings as well as other events take place.

The State memorial history-literature and natural-landscape museum-reserve of A.S. Pushkin "Mikhailovskoye" under the Ministry of culture of Russian Federation is the unique monument of Russian culture of national significance.

In the history of Russian culture such places as Mikhailovskoye, Trigorskoye, Petrovskoye, Svyaty Gory (in 1924 renamed as Pushkin Hills) are known as Pushkin memorable places connected with the life and creative activities of the great poet.

From the 30-s of the XIX century Mikhailovskoye was defined as poetic homeland of Pushkin. At the ancient land of Pskov region his poetic gift has strengthened, his genius has blossomed. The poet ashes are resting in peace at Svyatogorsk monastery.

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Region: Pskov region
City: Pskov
Venue: The village of Pushkin Hills, the State memorial history-literature and natural-landscape museum-reserve of A.S. Pushkin “Mikhailovskoye”, the city of Pskov – Pskov regional philharmonic