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Events / Historical reconstructions

The Open Saratov Festival of History and Reconstruction clubs "Living History of Uvek"

4 - 6 september, 2015, Saratov

On the first day of the festival, at the territory of the natural park “Kumysnaya Polyana” the base camp with elements styling it as the camp of medieval Russian military campaign will be set.

Master classes for starting participants of historical reconstruction movement will be provided as well as roundtables on patriotic education of youth, master-classes for organizers of historical clubs, activities for the exchange of practices, open presentations of participating clubs.

On September 6, 2014, at the territory of the archaeological monument of the medieval culture of the people living in Volga region "Uvek settlement" the historical reconstruction "One day in the life of a medieval city" will take place.

At an elevated plot from where a magnificent view is offered over Volga, the picture of one day in a life of a medieval city will be recreated: markets – Russian and Turkish ones, European quarters, meeting of embassies, competition of batyrs (warriors).

On September 7, 2014, in the historical district of Saratov the historical reconstruction "Fair in the medieval town of Uvek" will be reenacted.

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